The Aisha Nailah Collection

Aisha Nailah is a vibrant Bridgeport, CT. based visual artist working in mixed media and photography. She combines a love of color, dimension and texture into her pieces, concerning herself with the feeling, vibrancy and balance of the composition. Often times including images that seem to “say something”. She is very inspired heavily by her culture and terms her style as “urban abstract” and somewhat surreal. She’s a Read’s Artspace resident artist, has exhibited in various exhibits (Black Joy at the National Black Theater, Peace Project, Beautiful Spectacle, City Lights Gallery, City of Norwalk Art in the Windows, etc), and has co-curated the Beautiful Crime: Graffiti and Pop Art exhibits in 2011 & 2014 and Obsidian Colored Glasses: An introspective look at black lives thru art 2017.
Artist statement: My work seeks to express what the world is giving me. Its color therapy, its culture, its emotion, its fantasy and dreams and nightmares. I usually do not approach a piece with a preconceived idea. Most of my work is me feeling my way through until I can’t do anymore.

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