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T. Barnes Global Lifestyle is an accumulation of years of experience in entertainment, beauty, event production and travel coordination. From a young girl I have been obsessed with creating experiences that brings people together, that makes them feel good, that educates and enlightens them, that builds opportunities for people to connect and grow. I have a deep passion for acting as bridge between the Diaspora community and the world.

It is past time to recognize that borders between countries are simply a social construction. As humanity moves forward it will be more and more important to recognize ourselves as global citizens without boundaries physically or mentally. Those that are #GLOBAL will move through the world as a bridge, a bridge to new experiences, to creating new ways of living together and recovering old ones.

Thank you for wandering into our magical little world and contemplating joining our global family. We are here to serve you with precision, compassion, and integrity. We are always growing and getting better and we hope to grow with you as a part of our #GLOBAL movement.
With Love,
T. Barnes 

t. Barnes Global Lifestyle


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