T.Barnes Beauty consists of a skincare studio in Bethel, Connecticut where clients can book directly with T.Barnes. T.Barnes is a licensed esthetician. She performs deep pore cleansing facials, chemical peels, face and body waxing and make up artistry in studio and for events and weddings. In addition T.Barnes Beauty offers and organic skincare line, vegan and mineral cosmetics, bath and body and a signature candle. The T. Barnes line also now includes a clothing line. The T. Barnes Global Travel Apparel line was created for those that love to explore. The clothing is sexy and wearable, it does not wrinkle, you can wash it in the wash machine, the cuts are comfortable and appropriate for all types of countries and situations. Each piece is light weight and perfect for packing in our leather or quilted travel bag. Each garment can be dressed up or dressed down. T. Barnes Global Travel Apparel is for those living a lifestyle of beauty.


The sister business under the T. Barnes brand is T.Barnes Global Travel, which host international and domestic trips, a global travel apparel line and a non for profit Global Summer Camp for youth.

T. Barnes Global Travel trips and retreats was birth to share the international travel experience with the T Barnes Beauty Community. The yearly trips were created to deliver new and unique ways of vacationing for busy people looking to reconnect with self, travel with interesting people and have amazing experiences and adventures. T. Barnes creates trips in nations where she has built local relationships so that her group gets more contact with the people of the global community they are exploring. T. Barnes Global Travel organizes and facilitates domestic and international travel, focusing on the beauty of the experience “roads less traveled”, cultural encounters, spiritual exploration are an integral part of our retreats and trips.


As the world gets more complicated to manage it is imperative that we create SPACE for ourselves to rest, reclaim and refuel. Through our new rental project SPACE, T. Barnes Global Travel is leading the way in providing refuge through accessible getaways. We are managing small bungalow properties that we rent for $500 a week, typically with multiple bedrooms and larger houses throughout the world that vary in weekly rental rates but are affordable for groups and families. With flights ranging from $300-$1000 from Caribbean to Africa for an affordable price you can runaway to recover yourself. We are providing freedom, even if only for the week and comfortable access to the world and new experiences.


The T. Barnes Global Marketplace is a curated online boutique that gathers the best of all things around the world. It houses a collection of amazing art, clothing, accesories and home decor. The marketplace is more than an online store to shop, it is a vehicle to support artists from all over the world gain exposure and earn revenue to support their lives and continue to create. Art is the heartbeat of human life. The Global Marketplace aims to act as a gallery that re-establishes art as the most important commentary and expression of culture that we have as global citizens. When you buy from the Global Marketplace you are reinforcing that our artists are important and so is their work to the continued evolution of humanity.


The T. Barnes Global Summer camp was created to give American children of the African diaspora the experience of traveling to new nations and immersing themselves in new cultures while exploring their own relationship to their own culure. Our goal is for the summer camp to offer a solid historical foundation around African, African diaspora and world history, while preparing the next generation with the necessary agricultural skills and entrepreneurship goals.


Young Black and Global is a collective of globally minded, free thinking, environmentally conscious, critical, innovators working together to shift the current reality of Black people globally.

We are an international group of professionals, building transnational contacts, alliances and real world opportunities. The collective host a global forum that tours internationally, host global parties, sells YBG merchandise and serves as a community portal that will be a digital resource for organizations, investment groups and governments looking to connect with the best and brightest Black talent in the world.