There is a conspiracy around the world to hide all the tampons from me. I keep getting caught out here unprepared and on the prowl. First the mad hunt in Vietnam that came up empty. Then the hunt around Brava, Cape Verde to get the ONLY box on tampons on the whole island. It was battered and crushed but the tampons were new, sealed in their bags and unharmed. I rejoiced and bought them. This time I thought I packed enough. Nope. Running around Accra looking for even one box. People tilting their head because they don’t know what I am asking for and direct me to the pads. I hate pads.

Seriously, apparently most women use sanitary napkins in this world?. I am not about that life. Bleeding out is not for me. If they only knew the joy, freedom and cleanliness of a tampon they would rebel. I am currently having a personal protest here in Ghana and praying this pharmacy across the street from my hotel caters to foreigners. #tbarnesglobaltravel #Ghana