I never expected to enjoy London so much. I think I always just thought bland food, bad teeth and way too much cigarette smoke for me. But honey…I am kinda in love. The city has an easy busy energy, the people seem real and down to earth. People are not extra fancy in the streets or trying to be cool. It just felt really comfy, international and the food was diverse and great. It also helps that I walked in to the core of Black British society by way of friends I met in my travels through Ghana. As I was making my way through the airport I realized why this trip was actually fun and I walked away with actual friendships and relationships. It is the first time in a long time that I was not in a country where I was constantly negotiating poverty and class dynamics with other Black people. I have no idea how this will read to people, it may sound elitist but I promised myself to be honest in this blog as I explore this #Global journey. I know the real burden and exhaustion of navigating this weird positioning as an African American in nations plagued by inequity when we have so much racial and financial inequity in our own nation. You can rarely build honest relationships and you are often looked at with money signs in people eyes rather than a human being sincerely looking for connection and a cultural exchange, especially with people that look just like you. If I am honest this inevitable dynamic is often heartbreaking and isolating. London was a reprieve. This trip was full of lively conversation, laughter, international banter and equity. If you are committed to traveling to black nations you may get this. T.