T. Barnes, CEO T. Barnes Beauty, LLC/ Executive Director T. Barnes Global Summer Camp

T. Barnes, Global Lifestyle Entrepreneur began creating her lifestyle brand in the field of beauty. With a BA from NYU, in sociology, and two masters degrees in history and teaching for social justice and a solid background in production, marketing and entertainment she transferred her skills into brand development. Her small town salon, SOLACE salon and spa, grew into her becoming a licensed esthetician and building a successful organic beauty brand, T. Barnes Beauty, that currently sells worldwide. Her brand consist of organic skincare, cosmetics and bath and body. Once she established the beauty brand, in 2016 she began designing to expand the brand into fashion. Traveling all over the world to countries like Ghana, Morocco, Bali and Vietnam, experimenting with fabrications and international manufacturing she produced her first line of clothing, T. Barnes Global Travel Apparel, clothing designed for global women with busy travel schedules like herself. The line consist of high quality wearable fabrics, that are easy to wash and easy to wear while exploring the world. It sells online and in small boutiques globally. Her clients took an interest in her travels, so she first coordinated A Lifestyle of Beauty Retreats where she planned domestic and international trips once per year. These yearly trips grew into more than 7 curated international trips a year and a full travel company T. Barnes Global travel , international guest houses that she rents under her brand SPACE, an online Global Marketplace that sells global findings, art and home decor from all over the world and a social media app and yearly international forum called youngblackandglobal.com which will launch in London April of 2020.