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A couple of months ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Ms. TaNesha Barnes, owner of T. Barnes Beauty and Solace Spa. I generally wouldn’t hold on to an interview for a couple of months without publishing it, but there was something so compelling about our conversation, that I had to let it marinate in

Erin Alexander Business of Soul Searching

I had the unique opportunity to stop by Solace Boutique ;in Bethel Connecticut and chop it up with the infamous T Barnes from T Barnes Beauty.  She speaks about her vision with her worldwide commerce, being a licensed esthetician, working with other business women, raising her daughter and many other insightful topics.  If you are

Madamnoire – Successful women share lessons

From McDonald’s to the Office to the Cotton Fields: 10 Successful Women Share Lessons Learned From Their First Jobs Introduction to Entrepreneurship Tanesha Barnes is the owner and founder of  T. Barnes Beauty, LLC  and Solace Hair and Esthetics Studio, in Bethel, CT. Although she graduated from New York University with a BA in sociology, and

Re-Inventing Life Career

TANESHA BARNES lives a dual life between the world of beauty and education. She is the Proprietor of T. Barnes Beauty LLC, where she runs a small salon, SOLACE hair and esthetics studio, is a certified CT and New York Licensed Esthetician and has launched T. Barnes Skincare and produces various beauty events through Solace

Mocha Manual

Check out the T. Barnes baby bump as she models for the Mocha Manual guide to a FABULOUS PREGNANCY video!

Let’s Stay Together

T. Barnes has a guest appearance in Joshua Bee Alafia’s new film Let’s Stay Together. Check out the trailer and support the project. He has created a film that is full of magic, hope and love.


The Melibee Global team experimented with the following question: What would happen if we read the same article about the dangers of stereotypes and discussed it, on one day in many places around the world? We had no idea how this question would be handled by different groups – but we were willing to encourage

Our Time Press – The COVID-19 Interviews – Tanesha Barnes

Tanesha Barnes is the owner of T Barnes Global Travel. Her and her daughter are currently residing in Morocco, North Africa. We speak to her about dealing with Covid-19 in Africa, and her perspective on America’s handling of the pandemic.

Huff Post – Dope Women Bloggers Discuss the Importance of Black Travel

TaNesha Barnes (T. Barnes) is an educator, a social activist, a business woman, an avid traveler, and much more. She has been doing the “work” for over 20 years. In addition to owning a cosmetics line and an international clothing line, she deeply invests her energy into travel education for Black and Brown folk…READ MORE

Our Time Press – Is it Time to go Home?

They say that the best journey takes you home. The “Year of Return, Ghana 2019” was an initiative of the Government of Ghana, a birth-right journey that invited the African Diaspora to return to Ghana, marking 400 years since the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in Jamestown, Virginia. The initiative was designed to encourage