Have you ever seen those movies where the uber sophisticated woman pulls up to the bar and orders her drink with very specific instructions? “A bourbon neat” she says…She is so stylish, poised, and unapologetic. That is how I think about the phase of life I am in. I know exactly who I am, want I want (which by the way is so much more important than what you don’t want) and how I plan to get everything that is meant for me. And exactly what I will be wearing at each stage. I leave the rest for the others to fight over.
When you reach this phase, everything gets smaller and more specific. Your friendship circles shift, your needs shift and you waste very little time engaged in what is not exactly what you want to be doing. No need to control anyone else or anything because I am too busy in control of my own life. (Don’t mistake that for having it all together, I just always have a plan) I also know deeply without a doubt that it will all work out, my faithfulness is so deep. To me it seems like the closest to peace I will ever know.
As I pondered this feeling I made a little list of the things that are specific to me. It made me laugh at myself but…”no I want it exactly like this…please and thank you”.
1. I like my water with ice. More ice than water and 4 slices of lemon.
2. I like my hat to be a Beaver fur felt (I will take a lesser fur felt if it falls right) with a 4 inch pinch front top and 3 and 3/4 inch brim. Colors and trim can vary. A high end straw weave fedora for the summer is cool too.
3. I. Only. Wear. Gold.  I love bangles. Perfectly round and solid. I don’t love necklaces but when I wear them they have to be 36 inches. Absolutely not an inch shorter they make my neck look short and not an inch longer, they don’t lay right on my boobs.
4. Black bra. Black panties. Keep it simple. On the special occasions just be naked.
5. Aisle seat only. No exceptions.
6. White sheets. White face cloths. A new one every single time I shower. I travel with my own.
7. I only use T. Barnes skincare. I honestly just have not tried better for my skin.
8. If nothing else, I always fill my brow and add blush. Everyday.
9. Flip flops and cowgirl boots are my life preference.
10. Every woman should own a silk kimono for the house. Why are we arguing about this?
What are your top ten?