Nyepi. A moment of silence for the world.

Last night my baby girl and I were packing to leave the US to sit out the pandemic in Morocco. I made a decision that worked for us. I can only pray my gut is leading me in the right direction. The more we prepare the more I realize how much I need this pause. How much I need this time with my daughter. How much I need this time for myself. When you are making the dreams that come to you in your sleep a reality in the daytime there is very little room for rest.

When you move around the world you meet people and learn their customs and traditions. Elements of their practices will change you forever. I remember the first time I experienced Nyepi In Bali. There was so much celebration the 2 days before. Beautiful ceremonial dancing and singing. Then Nyepi came and it was pure silence. It created such a peace inside of me. A peace I could not ever remember feeling. Silence from human activity.

I realized this global crisis is an opportunity for the world to observe Nyepi and we need it. Our environment needs downtime from our corporations and our human movement. Our families need a break from the constant motion of life in capitalism to remember each other to see and listen to each other again. Our bodies need a break from exposure to toxins and pollution. We all just need to recover.

“After an evening filled of song, dance and celebration Nyepi takes place.

The Balinese “Day of Silence” is celebrated every Isakawarsa (Saka New Year) according to the Balinese calendar.

This goes along with a myth that after the celebration of the first and second day, the island goes completely dark and quiet to hide from evil spirits.

Nyepi is the most celebrated holiday of the year that is completely dedicated to reconnecting more deeply with God.

People use this day to fast, pray and meditate while focusing on areas of their life such as personal values, love, kindness and patience.

There are no cars on the road, stores and shops are closed and there is no loud noise allowed. Windows are covered with newspaper and drawn shut to hide out the sun.

People are meant to reflect and meditate during this time.

Nyepi is a 24 hours ritual whereby the following beliefs will be upheld:

Amati Geni: No fire or light, including no electricity

Amati Karya: To refrain from any activity

Amati Lelungan: To refrain from travels

Amati Lelanguan: To control oneself/ self-entertainment

Some believe that It is thought that this is the day to let Mother Nature recover from 364 days of human pollution.

It is said that the day of silence can be one of the most unique days in Bali that one could ever experience.

Everyone in Bali, whether Hindu or not participate. People who are not Hindu observe this holiday out of respect for their neighbours.” (Excerpt from Universal_Traveller.com)

Take this time my people. Recover. Thank you my Balinesian family for continuing to teach me the path to peace. Love, T.