It is important to understand that this is not a typical T. Barnes Global Travel trip which would include flight and activities. T. Barnes is hosting the Black Freedom Colony. Your apartment rental agreement is directly with the complex. T. Barnes Global Lifestyle will not organize flights, airport transfers or on the ground transport. However, T. Barnes Global Lifestyle will be curating a series of event, excursions and activities, for adults and children, many within the complex to keep our group tight and entertained in a covid conscious environment. We will also be working in tandem with Black Expats and Travelers in Tulum Facebook Group to create relationships with the local community.

Please Join the Group!
Black Expats & Travelers in Tulum (Grupo Original)
Connect with fellow black expats & travelers in the beautiful pueblo of Tulum, Mexico. Here you will connect with fellow black “Mexpats” who seek to form alliances, gain resources, and support one…

Travel Related:

Distance from airport to the properties?
1hr 45 mins

Ground transportation:
The complex provides airport transfers for $120 each or $220 round trip. You may be able to find more competitive rates on your own. You can also rent a car from the Cancun airport. It is suggested you rent in advance. Do not choose the insurance option. You will be required to purchase insurance in Mexico and they will not recognize your American insurance.

If I need to leave early for a reason NOT related to border closings, will there be an additional early-cancelation fee to pay to the residence?

There is a lot of interest in this space. Therefore, when you book and pay there will be no cancellations accepted unless Mexico closes its borders for any reason. You will have the option to rebook or receive a refund

Apartment Related:
Instead of having 1 common building, we will have 2 buildings…

Brava Amenities (Will be considered the host building):

  • Located across the street from a park with a cenote.
  • 12 (2) bedrooms
  • 2 (3) bedroom Penthouses
  • Ground floor has 4 (2) bedroom apartments that go to the pool.
  • 1st floor has 4 (2) bedroom apartments.
  • 2nd floor has 2 Main Floor of the Penthouse and apartments
  • Washer and Dryer on the first floor. It is Free to wash clothes.
  • Has a first floor Lounge area with garden.
  • Located in a more residential area. Shops are roughly 4 blocks away.
  • Gym has a common area , but no machines. It has AC and right above the grill area and this will serve as a classroom for the kids. If you want to use the gym you can use it at Amira. It holds 12-14 people.
    2 (2) bedroom apartments.
    3rd Floor has  2  penthouse and 2  (2) bedrooms
  • There is a common horizontal length pool on the 1st floor.

Amira Amenities:

  • 1st floor has 4 (1) 1 bedroom & 2 (2) bedrooms.

  • 2nd floor has 4 (1) bedrooms and 2  (2) bedrooms.

  • 3rd floor 4 (1) bedrooms and one (1) penthouse.

  •  4th floor has a common area and pool. Also, hosts a salon/spa offering manicures and massages.

  • The building has a reception desk and Ice cream shop.
    There are 2 coffee shops and 1 restaurant half a block, with 2 more restaurants 2 blocks away.

    •  When does the final payment and incidentals need to be paid?
    • Your initial payment will need to provide 50% of your TOTAL booking at the time of booking. Final payments of your TOTAL booking will be due:

All reservations arriving in October: due 9/25

    • All reservations in November/December: due 9/30
    • 3rd Floor has  2  penthouse and 2  (2) bedrooms
    • There is a common horizontal length pool on the 1st floor.

Are there any other utilities that tenants will be responsible for other than Electricity?
You will pay the apartment complex directly. They will require a 50% deposit, a $500 hold for incidentals and you will be responsible for electricity which ranges from $100-$300 per month depending on use).

Are pets allowed?

Do any of the apartments have ceiling fans?

Is housekeeping included or have contacts for the service?
No, this is a separate cost. Concierge can help.

Are there safes in the room?
No, we do not have safes. There is no staff in the building to come into your room.

Can you smoke in the room?
No, but you can outside. Please note that weed is Illegal in Mexico.

What is the water filtration system? Do we need to bring our own water?
Osmosis treatment is good enough to brush teeth and wash hands, but not drink.

Are there any pictures outside of the model pictures?
We now have these!

Do all rooms have sofa beds?

Is it possible to have a view of the pool from our window?
Unfortunately, the structure of the buildings has the pool below and above the rooms.

Will we need to provide items like bedding, towels, dishwater/utensils?
The apartments have everything you would need to live comfortably.

Will rental insurance be required?
No. This is a typical vacation rental property.

Will guests be required for signing a lease?
No, just a regular booking form like a hotel.

Does the building have WiFi or network coverage?
Yes! Most of us are digital nomads or working from home. Internet will be provided throughout the building. The building has 20 mega service, which is the best Mexico has to offer currently. It should be noted that most people on the ground say that their wifi remains stable however Tulum still has above ground wiring and storms can affect the service.  We have also identified a co-working space via the expat group.

Laundry facilities in general?
Yes and it is free. There is 1 in each building.

I want to stay until December. Is there a way to do this monthly as I go. If I have access to my needs without having to go home, will I be able to extend my stay?
We can only confirm the time that you request and pay for. December 20th is our current check out date. Our rate until this time has been deeply discounted and we must all pay for the month. However, you may book past this date immediately but at a daily rate (I tried to negotiate on our behalf, but they are not able to during high season (Holidays & Mexico’s borders being open). If you have interest, please advise asap.

Will I have the option to upgrade my room to a 3 bedroom after arrival?
No. You will have what you book. The inventory is limited.

We would like a corner apartment please & just a confirmation that our penthouse comes with an individual unit private pool (i.e. Is this pool shared with the other 3 bedroom tenants or is it just for my apartment?)
This is no longer an option with the new buildings. We will tell you exactly what we can do before you pay to make sure you are in agreement.

Floor Plan:

Is the community gated? Is there security?
This is not a gated community. It is a Semi Private Area/ Open to the public with one access in and out. There is a manager and security on property at Brava and Amira has a receptionist from 7am -7 pm.

Are there are any units with a bathtub?
Unfortunately, not.

Can we choose a higher level apartment near end of hallway?
We will do our best to accommodate your request however the inventory is limited and the interest is high. We will tell you exactly what we can do before you pay to make sure you are in agreement.

Are the outlets compatible with US plugs, or do we need to bring our own converters, in order to use our hair appliances or phone chargers?
You can use your electric appliances in Mexico, because the standard voltage (127 V) is (more or less) the same as in the United States of America (120 V). Manufacturers take these small deviations into account. You don’t need a voltage converter in Mexico, when living in the United States of America.


Is there a food market nearby for cooking? Are there fast food options nearby?
Yes, there is a market roughly two blocks away from Amira. 4 restaurants are 2 blocks from the Amira. These establishments are on the more expensive side, cheaper dining is located in town along with food trucks. A large supermarket like a Walmart is less than a mile away. We are organizing group trips through the expat group concierge service.

Town Related:

How close is the nearest hospital?
Roughly less than 2 miles away
Costa Med
Red Cross also near

Medical coverage suggested. Please get travel insurance! Mexico’s hospitals are private and they can be expensive without the proper coverage. We will send out a suggestion made by someone in the group that also covers covid, however T. Barnes Global Lifestyle is not responsible for your insurance agreements.


Will we spend most of our time on the property?
I want to stress that this is a temporary relocation package. While T. Barnes Global Lifestyle will be hosting MANY events and activities, this is NOT a T. Barnes Global Travel Trip. The goal is to live together in community but each family is responsible for their own experience. See below for concierge details and programming.

Do you have childcare contacts?
See below for concierge details and programming.

Is there an immersion program for children?
See below for concierge details and programming.

Are any stylists booking?

There are salons in Tulum, in town, one for men and women. They may or may not be experienced with Black hair. I strongly suggest you travel with your hair care products. There may be people in the group that could offer hair services but this remains to be seen.  
We are interested in cultural immersion opportunities in the area, if any. Language lessons, cooking, etc.
T. Barnes Global Lifestyle is coordinating many activities, classes and excursions. A concierge program is being prepared through the expat group. Once bookings are complete, a full program calendar will be accessible.


Can items be shipped to the apartment?
Yes, everything should be shipped to the Amira property that has the reception desk, but please consider bringing an extra piece of luggage as it may be cheaper.
Address: Amira Residence: L5 M11 Balam Dzakab-Kaba , 77780, Aldea Zama, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Is there parking on the property?
Parking on the street. Parking is free.

I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about the COVID situation in Tulum, and the public safety situation. Can we get updates? I’ve happened upon numerous travel advisories regarding both. Will there be COVID safety protocols in place at the residence?
Traveling during Covid is a individual choice that you will have to make on your own. Please stay updated via the internet about Covid related issues. However, T. Barnes Global Lifestyle is taking great care to make sure we have as much of a covid bubble as possible. We have created a set of principles that we will expand as a community.

Markets and Drugs require masks

Money Exchange:

The current exchange is 21.61 Mexican Pesos to One US Dollar. You will want to pay for everything in pesos. You will get the best rates from the ATM. I suggested traveling with a bit of US cash knowing that the exchange will not be the best. Just to get you settled and familiar with an ATM machine. The ATM will give you the real bank international exchange rate. Although people will gladly accept your dollars they will do so at an unfavorable exchange.