Have y’all ever looked back on an old picture and said what in the entire f-bomb was I wearing?! You were out in these streets looking a hot mess and it is forever memorialized in a photo. Typically these fashion disasters are due to chasing a trend that you totally should have skipped. It is the reason why developing a signature look is crucial as you age.
Your personal style should be your main source of freedom and personal expression. There really are no rules however creating a signature look requires some level of consistency and a deep knowledge of yourself and the lifestyle you are building and currently live. 

Jewelry is one of those subtle ways in which I recognize a person’s taste, the way they move through the world, and often even their politics. Is their jewelry bold and flashy, small and understated? Do they like gold or silver? Do they wear stones or beads? Jewelry is often the base of a persons overall presentation. As you begin to develop a signature style I think it is important to transition into daily wear jewelry, while using costume jewelry only as an accent. Decide on your metal color of choice (Platnium, Gold, Rose Gold or Silver) and buy or create pieces that you absolutely love and will wear everyday. Make sure the pieces work with the necklines and sleeve preference of your clothing. For example: I love bangles so I normally have a sleeve with elastic or gathering at the wrist.
Find your make up preference. I love a more naturally enhanced look, for me it is always more flattering, less color in the eyes, well shaped brow with a light fill, a subtle blush and lip colors suit my style. However if you like more bold lip colors and heavier foundations just make sure the colors work with your tones and lifestyle.
Hair is one of the greatest ways to express your personal style. There are no rules! However when creating signature style it is important to choose and commit to hair styles for a bit of time. A great bobb can shift and change as the years pass but if you know it suits your face…stick with it! It does not mean you are stuck but recognizable style should be classic and able to evolve with the passing of time.
Pick a scent. People will always be reminded of you when you leave a room or lay on a pillow. Take your time to choose it. Experiment. Know what you like. Is it fruity smells, musk, light and clean. Buy real parfum with less alcohol or oils. They will go a long way with a small amount and cause less skin irritation.
Accesories are the base of your personal style. Your shoes and your bags set the tone for your wardrobe and not the other way around. These pieces can be in any style but pick fabrications that are made to last and wear well. Choose leather, skins, cottons rather than manmade materials. An investment in your accesoriess saves you money long term and sets that stage for how your clothing will present. This is true with any style from extravagant glam to bohiemian, a leather high heel to a burkenstock.
Understand your body shape. If you don’t have hips then you want clothes that create them. Decide what part of your body you like and want to show off. If you like your breast find approppriate vnecks. If you love your legs buy shorter skirts that allow them to be shown. Are you sporty? Find clothing that allows you to move but that also fits well. Are you conservative? Find shapes and styles that cover but that fit to perfection. Don’t be afraid to spend on a good tailor. Off the rack clothing is a new concept. You will need to adjust clothing to fit your specific body properly. The key to creating a signature style is understanding yourself and your lifestyle. Does your style make sense for how you live?
I love when someone says “I saw something (a dress, a ring, a bag) that looked like you”. It makes me feel that I have created an identity that people remember. We all want to be remembered and we certainly want less embarrassing photos, that with the internet, now last a lifetime.