Black Expats and Travelers Tulum was created by Veronica Ondine Thomas and William Ruzvidzo to be a safe space and haven for black people living in or traveling to Tulum. Whether you’re passing by for a short stay or plan to relocate, they will help you every step of the way to make sure that your experience in paradise is as stress free and carefree as possible. And of course, memorable.

Through their concierge services, they will take care of everything from excursions to custom transportation, reservations and bookings, Spanish lessons and daycare and housekeeping. All that and more. You came to Tulum to relax so let them take care of all the planning and heavy lifting for you.

Have any questions? Want to make any bookings? Then contact them here:

William Ruzvidzo:, ‪+52 55 3126 8684‬

Veronica Ondine Thomas: +1 (626) 460-9799

Black Expat and Traveler Tulum Concierge Services:
Laundry Service
Restaurant reservations
Taxi Service (No Uber)

Walmart and Sam’s run (1 hour drive)
Bicycle Rentals
Car Rentals
Scooter Rentals
Private Driver

The Black Freedom Colony and Black Expats and Travelers Tulum will be hosting a co-work space. In case you need a different space to work with premium internet.

Straight from the motherland, William Ruzvidzo is born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. In 2006, he moved to Vancouver, Canada, to study Communications at Simon Fraser University and then after graduating, moved to Toronto to work in advertising. After 5 years of working for “the man”, he realized that a 9 to 5 desk job isn’t his thing so in 2018, he decided to become a digital nomad and so he packed his bags and left Canada. In one year, he travelled to 20 countries and zipped around several places in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America. He ended up falling in love with Mexico and in August 2019, he moved to Mexico City. However, in August this year, he decided to leave the concrete city of Mexico City to move to the actual jungle of Tulum, where he’ll be living and working for 4 months as a copy writer and social media marketer.

He is excited to welcome you to Tulum and show you why he fell in love with Mexico.

For any inquires, you can email him at or follow him on Instagram at @thetapuwa.

And Veronica’s: Hailing from Oakland, California, Veronica Thomas is a Blaxican with roots from Jalisco, Mexico and Senegal. She has a visual arts history degree from Cal State Northridge with a minor in marketing.

After spearheading many arts projects in Los Angeles including programming arts events for pacific standard time, she switched her focus to music and founded Qvole Collective, a music management agency specializing in Latin alternative musical acts. After a lot of success managing bands that have performed around the world including at Coachella, she realized that she needed to know Spanish so that she could propel her music agency into the burgeoning Latin market.

So in 2016, she enrolled in a Spanish school in Tulum and what was initially supposed to be a 3-month stay, ended up leading to a backpacking adventure all over Central and South America.

And after 2 years on the road, Veronica returned to Tulum, the place that changed her life and ignited her passion for travel. This little town where the jungle meets the sea, has been her home ever since and she currently owns her own Vintage Clothing Business there.

She’s looking forward to Tulum receiving a surge of black vacationers because it’s been a predominately white tourist region for too long.