7am-8am (Amira Residence)

8:30am-9:30am (Brava Residence)

Monday- Friday


9am-10pm (Brava Residence)

3pm-4pm (Brava Residence)


Imagination is key to our freedom.

Picture a world where Black people live with access to all of the resources, dignity and power we deserve. Who are you in this world?  What does it feel like? How did we get there?

In order to make this real we must first allow our imaginations to run wild with the possibilities of liberation. But for many of us, the grind of oppression has atrophied our ability to truly dream of new futures.
Join us for fun weekly writing sessions that ask – what does it mean to be Black and free? What is the world we want to build for ourselves and future generations? What steps must we take to make our dreams a reality?
Led by Kristen Adele Calhoun, 2020-2021 National Black Theatre I AM SOUL Playwright in Residence, this playful AfroFuturistic course will use writing prompts, movement, meditation and music to spark the imaginations of each participant in the name of our collective liberation.

Tuesday Nights from 5pm – 6pm
November 3rd – December 8th

This course is intentionally intergenerational and is designed for adults and children ages 12 and up.
Participants are strongly encouraged to join for all six sessions but are also welcome to drop-in.
Full six week course – $75
Drop in rate – $25 / session

Please inquire about the family rate for three or more participants from one household.

SANKOFA~ RE:BIRTH and RETURN with Anasuya Isaacs
SANKOFA: Go back and get it. Resurrecting Dry Bones.
Reclaiming your VOICE, your BODY and your THRONE for your personal QUEENDOM and KINGDOM: using intentional creativity and metacognitive art, prayer, sacred chants, forgiveness and meditation to excavate and re:discover Who You truly ARE ~ Divine.
Processes for women and men toRETURN TO THE THRONE, returning to owning the Queen and King within. This is a spiritual journey to healing and overcoming our collective hole in our soul from slavery that gave us all Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. It is time to cut the chains that bind; the strongholds that suffocate us.

SoulSpeak: Having your Soul reveal to you YOUR current Soul Purpose and getting into alignment and Oneness with it. What are  your barriers to LOVE? This is one-0n-one Divine InSight soul session where I channel your Divine for you to have a revelatory conversation that provides clarity for your next right action(s) ~depending upon the issue you brought to the session.
This journey is being offered to Groups, Individuals and to Couples.
I am a Conscious Channel, which means all of my being is used by The Divine to give you the message, wisdom and guidance you need. My gifts were first revealed at 8 yrs old when ancestors would come through in family emergencies. I “graduated” to Angels and Ascended Masters at 9, and to fully hearing God at 13 yrs old. I have been used to heal individuals, couples, families ever since. I have practiced meditation since 1982 and have studied Sufism, Kabbalah, Khemet and many other mystic traditions. I am a fierce Prayer Warrior who knows how to Conjure/call forth what we want to give birth to/manifest.

Zaina has been a NJ licensed Massage Therapist for 10 years. She specializes in Therapeutic Massage for pain relief. She has extensive experience in treating clients with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and generalized chronic pain. She has a gentle, but firm touch and can go from medium to deep depending on your needs and the area of focus. All massages are 100% customized to your needs and may include a combination of Relaxation, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Technique, and Reiki/Energy Healing Modalities, as well as Essential Oils and use of healing aids as needed. Stretch therapy sessions are also available poolside.
Poolside massages will be available in increments of 30 and 60 minutes. Masks are required during the face-up portion of the massage.
Massage 30 min.: $35 USD 745 Pesos
Massage 60 min. $65 USD 1380 Pesos
Stretch therapy 45 min.: $55 USD 1170 Pesos



Amun El, The Global Travel Healer is going to be joining us in Tulum! He will be offering weight loss plans, meal prep, alternative diet/medicine, exercise plans, health counsel, care plan/ teaching. He will be in Tulum the month of October! I am so excited to see Black men doing this work!

Amun El, is a registered travel nurse with a private practice in holistic healthcare. He infuses Western medicine with traditional indigenous herbal medicine and healing practices. He is reclaiming our ancient ways of treatment, while healing the whole person mentally, physically and spiritually.

2 HOUR SESSION: Health Assessment; Weight, Blood pressure, Lab Result Assessment, Psychological Evaluation, Fitness Test, Care Plan Creation, Education and Training, Alternative Diet/Medicine Plan, Exercise Plan, Implementation Assessment, 30 minute Follow-up


2 HOUR SESSION: Health Assessment; Weight, Body Measurements, Blood pressure, Lab Result Assessment, Psychological Evaluation, Weight Loss Goal Assessment, Fitness Test, Care Plan Creation, Education and Training, Alternative Diet/Medicine Plan, Exercise Plan, Implementation Assessment, 30-minute Follow-up

* DAILY MEAL PREP OPTIONAL (Customized Packages)



3pm-4pm CDT (4pm EST)
October 12, 19, 26
November 2, 9, 16, 23

In an intensive 7 week program “The Other American History” will use the counter narrative (the stories of Native Americans, Africans, African Americans, Mexicans, and Immigrants, LGBT, women and the poor) of American history to critically think about historical content as a bridge to understanding our contemporary world and its political economy. Through the reading of “A People’s History” by Howard Zinn and a series of contemporary topics that will be explored through film, music, videos, primary sources, cartoons, articles and in class dialogue students will finish the class with a deeper understanding of American history, beyond blind patriotism and mythology and will have built the historical context, critical thinking skills and critical assessment to better process our contemporary realities. Each student will be responsible for creating a project of any nature (artistic, written, video, etc) that will express their learning and ideas around their subject of choice.

T. Barnes is a Global Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Educator and Historian and owns T. Barnes Global Lifestyle and FREE BLACK WOMAN MAGAZINE. She is the founder and host of The Black Freedom Colony in Tulum, Mexico. She has taught in the classroom at Pathways Academy for Boys and served as the Executive Director and Head educator at Beyond the Surface Critical Thinking and Social Justice Academy a small home school in her backyard. Beyond the Surface Academy transitioned into The T. Barnes Summer Camp a non -profit organization, with a pending 501C3, founded in 2016, to help provide an opportunity for youth from the African Diaspora, a profound transformational global summer experience in various countries around the world. She has produced two documentary films: World Trade: Gli African in Italy Vecchia about the historical and contemporary African migration to Italy and is currently completing her second film Baby Mama Rebellion, which explore the trajectory of black motherhood in America. TaNesha holds a MA in History (Suma Cum Laude) with a concentration on black American women from Western CT State University, a 2nd MA in Teaching for Social Justice from Spark’s Teacher’s Institute with a concentration on educating African American boys. Her BA in Sociology is from New York University. She has studied and/or lived abroad in Russia, Italy, Barbados, Anguilla, Ghana and travels all over the world. Her ultimate motivation for all that she does is her daughter Solana, as she hopes to create a world of truth and beauty for her to come of age.


Chipo will be hosting ‘Move Ya Body’, a dance experience designed to release tensions in the body, heal trauma and promote self love through guided movement. The purpose of this session is not to learn how to dance but to become comfortable with moving your body. These dance session are designed for you to feel empowered and more grounded in your spirit. In Tulum,Mexico, the focus will be to bring balance to the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras through movement. Think of it as a meditation in motion!
She will hold Move Ya Body sessions weekly in small groups open to everyone that are donation based.
Private sessions are $40 an hour

Chipo Kandake is a dancer, culture historian ,musicologist and Filmmaker. She received her B.A. in filmmaking at Dillard University in New Orleans,LA. She is passionate about preserving Black Culture and studying dance movement as it relates to social life and healing throughout the Afro-diaspora.