Hello Global Family

Are you interested in being a part of the 2nd cohort of The Black Freedom Colony? Do you need a break from American life? Do you want to re-imagine what community could look like for you and your family?

People asked, “What is the Black Freedom Colony?” At the time I had no idea. It was an impulse to provide an alternative to the US amid our domestic racialized terror, mid-covid reality. Through experience and real time with the first temporary expatriation to Tulum, Mexico, the vision has shaped itself from a community, to family.

The Black Freedom Colony is a collective of African American people, choosing to live outside the United States, in community of other Black people and families, in an effort to rebuild our village in pursuit of liberation. The ultimate goal is to create an emotional safe space, to learn, unlearn, heal and re-build our futures together.

The Black Freedom Colony began in Tulum, Mexico as a temporary relocation and will continue to M’hamid, Morocco for a more permanent home base. As we move forward with the Black Freedom Colony all the families commit to a 4 month stay at Sbai Palace in the Sahara Desert. It is a moment to slow down, without distractions and grow closer to your family, your fellow participants and yourself within a community of support. Therapy, healing workshops, farming, cooking, exploring and excursions are programmed over the journey. Together we relearn how community can positively function within our own values and principles.

What is offered to the community?

Group Therapy
Group is mandatory for every member that joins the Black Freedom Colony once per week. The groups will be split by age and gender.

Group Intutive Healing Sessions
Our goal is to grow as a community and support each other on our individual journeys. These sessions will explore many topics and aims to give us skills to assess, heal and communicate about our collective and personal challenges.

Individual Sessions
While the group sessions come free of charge to BFC, indiviual therapy and intuitive healing sessions will be made available at reduced rates.

Fitness Training
We are approaching wellness within the BFC  holistically. So we will encourage all members to take advantage of our group fitness programs.

Farm to Table Meals
Sbai palace and the Sahara offer an amazing opportunity to return to the earth for whole foods and delicious meals. Over 3 months we can address the neccesity to change our American diets from processed foods to everything grown on our own farm and the surrounding farm community.

Sbai Palace has 2 farm properties. The community will have the opportunity to learn farming and food harvesting by Moroccan farmers.

Community Kitchen
We know that 3 months is a long time and you may want to prepare some personal meals. We have a designated kitchen solely for BFC members to prepare food.

Classroom and Youth Programming
We have prepared a classroom for the children of the Black Freedom Colony to participate in a full multi media curriculum developed just for them. It is an opportunity for them to explore language classes, music production, film production, theater and more!

Sbai Palace has several lounge spaces to work. We will have a special community building work space if you should need office space or simply a space to work outside your cottage.

The Black Freedom Colony is an opportunity to slow down and sit with ourselves and build our community, however we will still explore! We will coordinate community excursion within the community of M’hamid and around Morocco.

Sbai Palace also offers several activities that can be booked privately at the expense of each guest.

What services are available?
• Cooking Classes
• French Classes
• Arabic Classes
• Four Wheel ATV Excursions
• Camel Trekking
• Luxury Camp in the Dunes
• Drumming Classes
• Sand Surfing